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Come visit our place of comfort and peace during these chaotic times. Enjoy the words of Father Richard Mangini, a Catholic priest and beloved retired pastor of Saint Bonaventure Catholic Community in Concord, California.

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Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

January 1, 2023 Many Protestants and even some Catholics shudder and bristle whenever we call the Blessed Virgin Mary “The Mother of God.”  How could she give birth to God who created the universes and all that is created? Well, she certainly gave birth to the human nature of Jesus and gave him a body,…

Advent II

December 4, 2022 1st Homily:  See the bigger picture and produce good fruit Today’s gospel focuses our attention on supposedly a cousin/relative of Jesus, John the Baptist. He was a “lightning rod” kind of a person who emerged in the Roman Province of Palestine in the early first century. He lived in the desert area…

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time: Persevere in Hope

November 13, 2022 What do you think?  Will the world as we know end/cease to exist?  There was that kind of thinking at the end of the first century, just when the Jesus movement and its hope in the Resurrection to new life were beginning to take off in the Mediterranean world of ancient Europe.…

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