Introduction to Mass of the Fifth Sunday of Lent

As with Lazarus, a beloved friend of Jesus , we too face a possible viral sickness and even death. And we do so relying upon ourselves, quarantines and social distancing. But we also rely upon the encouragement and help of Jesus who is a healer of body and soul, and of mind and spirit.

At this moment, we want what Jesus gave to Lazarus, a reprieve, a stay, to be resuscitated and brought back to life. While we know that we are going to die someday, we do not want to die today or two months from now. Today, O God, we wonder about your plan for each one of us.

But you want us to know that Jesus, you Son, is the Resurrection and the Life. What you want us to understand is that all your possibilities are your gifts to us. Selfish as we are, we ask you to spare us a future, and faithful as you are, to secure eternal life for us another day.

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