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II Sunday Easter April 19, 2020

So where are we today– almost at a Peak, levelling out, descending the peak?  The Trumpists declare the virus’ defeat.  They want their freedom back.  “Liberate Michigan.” Andrew Cuomo declared Saturday morning that he has never seen the emotions of Americans running so high: anxious, frustrated, angry, distressed, depressed. These were also the emotions ofContinue reading “II Sunday Easter April 19, 2020”

A Thoughtful Article

It is important to read substantive and thoughtful articles exploring the deeper meanings and significance of what is happening in our world of the Pandemic. I recommend this article, “Prepare for the Ultimate Gaslighting” by Julio Vincent Gambuto published on Forge/ on April 10, 2020. –Fr. Richard Mangini Sandra’s note: Also, here is someContinue reading “A Thoughtful Article”


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