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All Saint’s Day

November 1, 2020 It was not until the mid 9th century, that European Catholics began to celebrate the feast of all the Saints.  After almost a thousand years, there were too many good people to name and to remember.  Simply, there were not enough days in the year.  Soon after, there sprang up today’s commemoration. Continue reading “All Saint’s Day”

As I Turn Eighty…

(Below are some of Father Mangini’s reflections, which he posts in the spirit of encouraging sharing and discussion in the comments at the end of the page.) As I turn 80 years old, I wonder first of all how I got to 80.  From time to time over the years, as I attended someone else’sContinue reading As I Turn Eighty…

August 9, 2020

19th Sunday of Ordinary Time Today, I want to speak about “Nevertheless Faith.”  It is Fr. Jude Siciliano, the Dominican retreat master and Sr. Patty Bruno, both of them you know, as they have come here to St. Ignatius, that coined this expression. “Nevertheless Faith” – what does it describe?  “In spite of whatever –Continue reading “August 9, 2020”

August 2, 2020 Homily

Theme I: There is a plan and we can improve upon it by fulfilling it Every generation has prophets– those individuals young or old who speak God’s words to us. They are not necessarily ordained or even Catholics.  They are people who understand the purpose and the heart of life.  They are genuine and theyContinue reading “August 2, 2020 Homily”


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