Third Lent: “To Believe Each Other is the Devil is Heresy”

March 7, 2021 Something beautiful and life-changing, provocative and soul-inspiring is happening in the world today!  And who is behind this is none other than our Pope Francis. Right now, at this very moment, Pope Francis is in Iraq, on the plain of Nineveh, where our great ancestor of faith in the one true GodContinue reading “Third Lent: “To Believe Each Other is the Devil is Heresy””

First Sunday of Lent: Contemplative Prayer

February 27, 2021 Every First Sunday of Lent, we hear that Jesus was tempted.  This year, we read the Gospel story in the tradition of St. Mark who does not describe what happened, what the temptations were. The tradition given to us by Matthew and Luke’s gospel gives a little more.  Did Jesus share theseContinue reading “First Sunday of Lent: Contemplative Prayer”

Ash Wednesday: Return to Me with Your Whole Heart

February 17, 2021 The meaning of the season of Lent has never changed although the way Catholics have experienced it have changed, and adapted, and continue to develop. How do we celebrate the yearly celebration of Easter, of the Resurrection of Jesus is the question?  It takes more than a day or two to prepare. Continue reading “Ash Wednesday: Return to Me with Your Whole Heart”

November 29, 2020: Advent I

“Be watchful!  Be alert!”  Scripture scholars believe that Mark wrote the first Gospel in the late 60’s of the First Century, sometime before the Romans destroyed the City of Jerusalem.  They were tired of the hometown terrorists trying to force them to leave their occupation. Throughout the Gospels, we hear Jesus exhorting all of hisContinue reading November 29, 2020: Advent I