Third Sunday of Easter: 

May 1, 2022 When I read the Gospel story last week, I said that it was the conclusion to the Gospel according to John, the original conclusion. Today, we read a second story, like an appendix.  Whoever wrote this story is not clear when it was added.  However, the story is saying: “There is oneContinue reading Third Sunday of Easter: 

Easter Sunday 

April 17, 2022 Let me begin today with a recent travelogue – my last visit to the tomb of Jesus in February.  The very large Church of the Holy Sepulchre covers the places and shrines of the death of Jesus, his being taken down from the cross, the anointing of his dead body and hisContinue reading “Easter Sunday “

5th Ordinary Sunday: “You will be catching people for God.”

February 6, 2022 We grow up in a certain life setting, determined by place, by others, by culture and by language, by our parents’ circumstances. One reality is for sure, that we can feel love; its lack diminishes us; its presence enables us to grow and to be secure and to dream our future. InContinue reading 5th Ordinary Sunday: “You will be catching people for God.”